Dignity After Hockey was created to assist former professional hockey players who have fallen on hard times. It has been a long-standing tradition in hockey to protect a teammate when he needs help. Unfortunately, many retired players, long since departed from the game, still require help with financial and medical problems.

Kurt Walker is the founder of Dignity After Hockey. Kurt played in the National Hockey League for the Toronto Maple Leafs and is determined to unite the hockey and business communities in an effort to aid those in need.



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Kurt Walker A big thank you to all of you who contributed to Joe Carlevales medical fund. I know many friends have possibly not seen this and we have to reach our goal so please share this and get it out across the Northeast and Canada.

Your donations big or small will make such an incredible difference.

Don't just read it, I ask all of you to please donate and help Joe and his family get through this medical nightmare.

God Bless us all๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ

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