Raymond J. Petras, B.E., M.A. Human Development, Ph.D. Sports and Pain Management – A consultant, keynote speaker, international lecturer and instructor in the areas of injury/pain management, hypnosis, stress, performance enhancement, weight loss and smoking cessation,. He utilizes non-invasive methods to enhance the health and performance of the body. His methods have enabled patients to reduce pain, speed healing, improve functionality and reach performance goals.

Dr. Petras has worked extensively with professional, elite and Olympic athletes and teams from various countries. The Phoenix Suns, USA Archery and Track & Field, the Hull Olympiques Hockey Team, University of Ottawa Hockey, the Italian National & Olympic Hockey Teams are a few.

His methods helped the City St. Paul, MN save over $1million in workers’ compensation costs, in one calendar year. He was appointed to AZ Governor’s Commission for Obesity and has chaired and participated in alternative health and sports organizations, been a resource for USA Track & Field, USA Speedskating and a team doctor for World Cup Speedskating and the Schwan’s USA Soccer Cup.

Information on Dr. Petras can be found on his website,, @relief4u2, To contact Dr. Petras:, 1.888.447.1429, PO Box 5295 Scottsdale, AZ 85261