Todd Bargman

Todd lives in Toronto and has been a collector of game used items since he received a Darryl Sittler stick when he was 9. Living across the street from where the Leafs held training camp and practise, he met all the players from the late 70’s and early 80’s. ” To a man, these were some of the nicest people I could have met. They treated me with such kindness and i’ve never forgotten that”. He would receive sticks and pucks from many of the players from around the NHL. As time went on, Todd saw auction houses selling NHL players prized pieces from their career. I always wondered why guys would sell their items, then realized many players were in physical or financial trouble and needed the funds. It saddened me to hear these types of issues existed and up to that point, I didn’t know how much these guys were paying the auction houses to sell off these pieces, as well as the buyer paying a large fee as well that did not go to the player. Imagine having a tough time and when you are at your weakest, a person takes large portion of the sale for himself. That mad me angry enough to start my own auction house. I am very excited to help players that I grew up watching and had the chance to meet in person and see how generous they were, save some of this cash from themselves and their families. Working with Kurt Walker towards this common goal, is a great way for me to enjoy memories from my childhood and help out the guys. This is a great group of people all dedicated to helping others in need.

Todd attended Oklahoma State University and was drafted by the Chicago White Sox in 1988.



Sally Rooff

Sally was born & raised in San Diego, and moved to New England after high school. She finally saw a hockey game after college and fell in love with the game. Sally worked in medical insurance for many years during a stint in Tennessee, then transferring home to New England. Currently, she works as a paralegal/office manager for a Bankruptcy Attorney in New Hampshire. Helping people and raising money to help people has always been something she has loved to do, so working with Dignity After Hockey is something she definitely enjoys doing. Sally got involved with Dignity After Hockey to help raise money for her friend, Mitch Wilson, and has decided to stick around and keep helping.